Where to get the BASH rules

You'll need a copy of the BASH!: Ultimate Edition rules. You can buy the book or a PDF online at

Creating Characters

Click the My Characters link on the top navigation menu, then click the Create New Character button. The character creation page opens, displaying a blank character.

Click some of the Examples buttons to check out some pre-built super heroes.

Click the Edit buttons next to the stats and powers on the example heroes to see how they are put together. Try modifying them. Experiment, and figure out how to build the example heroes yourself. If things end up in a mess, just click the Examples buttons to bring the character back.

The creator will do most of the math for you. For example, if you increase your character's Agility, their Defence will increase as well.

Click the Save button at the top of the screen to save the new character. As you make further changes to your saved character, click the Update button at the top of the screen to save your changes.

Click one of the Character Sheet buttons to view the character in a printable format. Click the Back to Editing button to return to the hero; you won't lose any changes that you made.

When you're ready to build a brand-new hero, click the Reset button to create a blank character. Have fun picking powers, adding enhancements and limitations, weaknesses, skills, advantages and disadvantages. Remember to click the Save/Update button regularly to save your changes before you leave the screen

Searching, Copying and Deleting Your Characters

Click the My Characters link in the top navigation menu. The page will list all your characters.

You can search for characters by their name by entering a name (whole or partial) in the Filter by Character textbox and clicking the Filter button.

Click the column headings to sort your characters by Character Name, Points, and Public/Private.

Click the Copy button in a character's row to create a duplicate of the character. This can be handy for creating different versions of your character as they gain experience.

Click the Delete button in a character's row to delete the character. Careful! This is permanent and cannot be undone.

Sharing Your Characters

Sharing by Link

There is a 'Public' Checkbox near the top of the design sheet. If you tick this, you can share your character with other people by using the link provided (where it says 'Share this character via this link'). Send the link to friends, and they will be able to view the character, and save a copy of the character into their own account (if they have one). They won't be able to edit your copy of the character - they can only save a copy, and edit that.

If you do not tick the 'Public' Checkbox, the character is private - no one except you can see it (and if you previously shared the Public link, it will no longer display the character).

Sharing by Export & Import

As a backup to the sharing link, you can also export the data for your character into a text file. Click the Export button, and a textbox will open showing the data for your hero. Copy all the data, paste it into a plain text file, and save the file. Later, when you want to reload your character, click the Import button. A textbox will open; paste the data for your hero into it and click the Go button. Your hero will be re-created.

If you want to share your hero with a friend, just message them the data and the link to this site, and they can use the Import button to load your hero.

Sharing on the BASH forums

If you'd like to share your hero with the BASH! community, you can click the BBCode Format option on the Character Sheet screen. It will show your hero in a format that you can paste into the forums at