BASH Character Creator 2.0

Welcome to BASH Creator 2.0 BETA!

This is a fan site for the Basic Action Super Heroes! Ultimate Edition roleplaying game. It's intended to help you design cool BASH! characters and share them with the community.

Try out the Character Creator! Then Register an Account and Login to save and share your characters!

This is a BETA/Test release. Feel free to register for an account and create some characters, but keep in mind this is only for testing. The character data may be lost in the future. If you want to keep a character, use the 'Export' button on the Character Design screen.

This is an unofficial fan site, although it has the kind blessing of the game's author, Chris Rutkowsky/BASHMAN. You can contact the site's author (Mike, a.k.a DevastatingWeakness) at

Supports Chrome 46+, Edge, Firefox 41+, Internet Explorer 9+, Opera 31+ and Safari 5.1+ browsers.